Donna Breen

"Life by its nature can be difficult to navigate and that is why we are here, to give you the tools you need to help you weather the storms along the way".


As a team, we offer therapy services to individuals and couples, on a one to one basis and online. Working on issues such as, anxiety, stress, PTSD and sleep issues. We run a number of online programmes, on demand.

About me

In life I learned that some trauma, you never quiet get over, you just learn to cope with & that is my aim as a mental health professional, to get people to a place where you feel you are able to cope with any difficulties life sends your way. Our office is based in the countryside, at the foot of the Galtee Mountains, 10 mins from both Tipperary Town and Cahir. There are no issues with privacy as it is a quiet, secluded area where you will be made feel at home and given the space and support you need.

Our Approach

Our main aim as Counsellor's first and foremost is to make you feel safe, comfortable and secure. Secondly, is to help you identify the issues you are facing and begin talking about and working through these. Our team do this by using something called CBT (cogntive behaviour) therapy.

Getting Help

There are so many issues in our lives that can lead us to seek therapy. We have listed the top 5 issues we see in our office below. We are sure you will find one relevant to your situation. Click on each one to read more about it.


(Panic Attacks)


(Post Natal)





Communication Issues

(Relationships, Friends, Work)

Donna is so easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. Really enjoyed the workshop!!

Denise, Prioritising Happiness Workshop, Limerick, 2016

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