Donna Breen

"Life by its nature can be difficult to navigate and that is why we are here, to give you the tools you need to help you weather the storms along the way".

CBT & Online Psychotherapy
Our team of dedicated therapists are here to help
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We offer numerous therapy services to individuals, on a one to one basis. Working on issues such as, anxiety, stress, PTSD and sleep issues.


We offer therapy services to people experiencing difficulties in their relationships. With their children, parents, partner or others.

In partnerships/marriages, infertility, intimacy and communication are the most common issues


Online Therapy

Online Counselling has become more and more popular over the last number of years. There are many reasons for this.

We also offer Online Courses in self-esteem, assertiveness and  stress management.

Corporate Services

Wellness Programmes 

Employee supports for businesses (SME's)


CPD training



Our Approach

Our main aim as Counsellor's first and foremost is to make you feel safe, comfortable and secure. Secondly, is to help you identify the issues you are facing and begin talking about and working through these. Our team do this by using something called CBT (cogntive behaviour) therapy.

About me

In life I learned that some trauma, you never quiet get over, you just learn to cope with & that is my aim as a mental health professional, to get people to a place where you feel you are able to cope with any difficulties life sends your way. Our office is based in the countryside, at the foot of the Galtee Mountains, 10 mins from both Tipperary Town and Cahir. There are no issues with privacy as it is a quiet, secluded area where you will be made feel at home and given the space and support you need.

Getting Help

There are so many issues in our lives that can lead us to seek therapy. We have listed the top 5 issues we see in our office below. We are sure you will find one relevant to your situation. Click on each one to read more about it.


(Panic Attacks)


(Post Natal)





Communication Issues

(Relationships, Friends, Work)

Donna is so easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. Really enjoyed the workshop!!

Denise, Prioritising Happiness Workshop, Limerick, 2016

Meet The Team

Eddie Kendrick

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Eddie is now taking bookings.

With his background in hospitality, he brings this very relevant experience to his work.
Having just completed an MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, he also works as resident therapist at Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre in Tipperary Town.

His interest in this field has come from his own suffering & experiencing of pain & realising that there is a means to live with & overcome personal anguish
& suffering.

With a keen interest in breathwork, meditation, & movement.

An integrative practitioner who is very interested in
trauma work, & the means to alleviating the pain of trauma.



Aisling Cahill

Aisling is operating a waiting list.


Having began training in 2012, graduating with a B.A. in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2015. Currently undertaking  further training in Art Therapy since Jan 2021.

Has also previously worked in the social care sector, as a social care worker. During that time, working with children and adolescents in and leaving residential care. An enriching experience.

Having extensive experience of working with people experiencing crisis times in their lives..
Experience has thought her that all of the little things we enjoy in life can be used to help with the everyday challenge’s life throws at us. Some of the everyday things such as art, music, poetry, exercise she likes to incorporate into her therapeutic approach.

Grá Rithim Agus Athrú


Mairead Hennessey

Mairead, is now on maternity leave and will recommence online therapy sessions on her return.

As a social worker, Mairead loves building relationships and rapport with clients and their families and can see the benefit of providing a listening ear and emotional support to them when they are in a crisis.


She embarked upon an MA in CBT which she has just completed. She has been seeing clients online during this difficult time.

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Breda Morrissey

Breda is currently operating a waiting list.

Worked for years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer and it gave an insight into how trauma, grief and pain can not only impact us physically and emotionally but affect all areas of an individual’s and their families lives.


Received BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, currently studying an MA in CBT.

Breda offers sessions to clients from all walks of life including teenagers and also offers online and phone consultations.

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Alan Jones

Alan is currently operating a waiting list.


Over the past ten years Alan has worked within his own private practice in Limerick city,  along  with various organisations such as Saoirse Treatment centre in Limerick, Merchants Quay and the Youth advocate program (YAP) Ireland. YAP.

Alan offers sessions to clients from all walks of life including teenagers and also offers online and phone consultations.

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