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About Donna


In 2001 when I was 9 years old, a family member who was a huge part of our families lives died by Suicide. This completely turned my world upside down & changed life as we knew it, forever. I learned then that you never quite get over someone being taken from you in such tragic circumstances, you just learn to cope & that is my aim as a mental health professional, to get people to a place where you feel you are able to cope with any difficulties life sends your way.  At the age of 16, I experienced another traumatic series of events and again I had to learn how to cope, which took some time and support. From then I became disillusioned with the number of people I could see struggling with issues, unable to resolve them. I felt at this point I could contribute to delivering an easily accessible service in our community (which at the time was not available, hence the online therapy grew), where people could be helped and supported through difficulties they were experiencing, without the run of the mill mental health road, in a way that worked for them, leading to a happier lives.


I am a fully accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Tutor and Trainer, practising in Tipperary and offering services online, registered & licensed to practice by my professional body. I specialise in short term CBT Counselling - cognitive behaviour therapy and Online counselling so can work with anyone, anywhere. I am also a trained and certified EMDR therapist to treat trauma along with having completed Critical Incident Stress Management Training,  I have also completed certification in GTEP -(Group Traumatic Episode Protocol) under the direction of Ama Goméz - Agate Institute.


I hold a 1st class honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and gained my specialisation by completing a Masters (MA) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and in my time working with Spectrum Health/LAYA Healthcare delivering assessments and short term Counselling to employees for various companies.



My training and experience span almost 10 years, setting up the Counselling service and working as the Student Counsellor for over 5 years with SCHM, a school of NUI Galway, along with various other tutoring and Counselling roles with the companies and organisations listed below. Just click on any logo to check them out.


Top issues in my office and main areas of expertise include:

  • Anxiety (panic attacks)

  • Depression (post natal)

  • Difficulties with Self-Esteem (confidence)

  • Trauma  (PTSD) (sexual abuse) (stress)

  • Stress

  • Sleep Issues


with which I have effectively worked with 100's of clients.

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Meet The Team


Sarah Greene

Sarah is now taking bookings.

.With a background as a retail manager for many years , Sarah brings this experience to her work.

Focus, organisation and clarity of thought, which she passes onto clients and teaches them the tools to achieve this.

She has a particular interest in mood disorders, such as depression..

Having previously completed her BA with Psychology at UCC, she has also just completed her MA in CBT.

Sarah completed her advanced clinical training with us before taking maternity leave and has show great insight in her CBT work with clients.


Mairead Hennessey

Mairead, is now taking bookings for online therapy sessions.

As a social worker, Mairead loves building relationships and rapport with clients and their families and can see the benefit of providing a listening ear and emotional support to them when they are in a crisis.


She embarked upon a MA in CBT which she has just completed. She has been seeing clients online during this difficult time.

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Breda Morrissey

Breda is currently operating a waiting list.

Worked for years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer and it gave an insight into how trauma, grief and pain can not only impact us physically and emotionally but affect all areas of an individual’s and their families lives.


I received BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, currently studying an MA in CBT.

Breda offers sessions to clients from all walks of life including teenagers and also offer online and phone consultations.

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