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My main aim as a Counsellor is to make you feel safe, comfortable and secure first and foremost and secondly to help you identify the issues you are facing and begin talking about and working through these. I do this by using something called CBT (cognitive behaviour) therapy, which means identifying thoughts and behaviours which may be causing you difficulties and then equipping you with the necessary skills, tools and techniques both in the therapy and in your own life, which will enable you to better navigate life and deal with current issues and issues that arise.

My first session is always an assessment session to ensure that you are happy to work with me and this session allows us to discuss any issues and develop a plan in order to move forward.

I am trained in hundreds of theories and approaches and continuously complete further training but I marry everything together in order to work on whatever you bring into the therapy room..

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I'm based in our beautiful log home at the foot of the Galtee  Mountains 8 minutes from the M8, surrounded by woodland & all the nature that goes with it. It is a private area, very little traffic & parking is not an issue. (Yes, the background picture is our view). Contact me privately by filling out the form below or clicking on any icon below. Call me on



Belleview Lodge,


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