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Your First Visit

From your first look at our website you might be nervous about booking in or how it all works.

You may have seen a page or specific issue that resonates with you or that you feel you could do with some support around.

Booking In

There is a booking option here on the website where you can book in at a time that suits you, that is available. This is part of the navigation menu to the top right hand of the page, just click here.

You can also submit a question form for us to answer any specific questions you have about booking, without having to book online. This is at the bottom of this particular page.

You can call us directly on 087-2678176 or send an email to; Like the online booking or question forms we will contact you to discuss everything.

Follow up call

When you book in, we will receive a notification to let us know. From this we will follow up with a phone call to you. (If you cannot take the call when we ring that is ok, we will leave a voicemail for you to return when you have time free). This call is to explain the whole process further and ensure you are happy to proceed.

Quick chat

The quick chat on the phone will be us answering any questions you have and putting you at ease about it all, making sure you are sure you are comfortable with us.

Directions to office

Once the appointment is then confirmed and booked we will also explain directions to my office or how to access my Online account for online sessions. We will then text and email the GPS coordinates which you can use on Google maps, along with a list of directions if you wish to follow those. 

Online Counselling directions

For online sessions we will discuss what platform is best, for some it is Skype/Zoom as they are already comfortable and registered, we will send my details and we can connect for the session.

Under 18's consent form 

For under 18's, we email a parental consent form which is to be printed and signed before the session, to ensure both parents and/or guardians are aware and consent to the process.

The Session

We would ask that you arrive on time for the session, where you will be greeted and brought into our office.

At this point we will just ask you to give a rough idea of what is going on.

We will go through an intake form, which is a brief assessment with simple things such as your name, address and phone number or any previous counselling or difficulties you may have had. This form also covers the concept of confidentiality where everything is you say is safe and confidential and will not be repeated unless we are made aware that you are a risk to yourself, another, or a minor is in danger.

We will then continue the chat and discuss the issues you are facing and get an overall picture. From there we will decide on an action plan together for our sessions and the areas we will work on in the following weeks.

Check in, reassessment

After 6 sessions we will do a check in session to track progress and see how you are doing and if you wish to continue. If you are happy with how it is all going, we will proceed or if you are happy with your overall progress you may decide to finish sessions.


When you decide to finish the therapy or if it has come to a natural end, you just let me know that you wish to end the sessions or we will come to this agreement together.

You never have to continue with the process if at any time you feel it is not helpful or supportive please just let me know this as it is 100% your right to not proceed.

Any more specific questions please pop me a message below:

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