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Top Reasons for Online Services

Using Technology

Online Counselling has become more and more popular over the last number of years, There are many reasons for this. When we look around us we can see why.

So many people have smartphones with unlimited access to the Internet and connectivity to others can be just a click away. We instant message our friends, family and work colleagues and keep in touch with loved ones overseas via Skype/Facetime/Facebook video/Snapchat and so on. 

3. You do not drive and don't have access to public transport

this is pretty self-explanatory as you would need to rely on someone else to drive you to and from the appointments which may not be feasible.

6. Social Anxiety.

Some people find the concept of counselling and meeting someone face to face very daunting but are very capable of speaking to people online. This then in return leaves them feeling far more comfortable working with someone without having to leave the comfort of their own home, while over time working towards getting the person comfortable and able to meet face to face and continuing the work in this way.

1. You have a very busy schedule along with time restraints,

You cannot seem to find a time that works to get to see someone, which would include the drive to and from the appointment and including the appointment time.

4. Travel Costs or resources

such as fuel to drive to a session or get public transport which might not service the area, spending up to 1hr driving to and 1hr driving from a session.

7. Flexibility.

It also allows for greater flexibility as you do not need to time to travel, leading to a much greater choice and availability of appointments and a lot less inconvenience if rescheduling needs to occur.

2. Childcare issues

such as finding someone to babysit for that total amount of time. If you have a partner, they could watch the kids, you could just take the video call in another room in the house.

5.  You live overseas, travel around for work/commitments a lot or live in a part of the country that a particular therapist does not see clients in.

If overseas in a non-native English speaking country you may struggle to navigate the mental health system which can also be very costly  or you might just wish to speak with someone from home. If travelling around a lot for work or commitments, you may have difficulty committing to weekly sessions at the same location. and this could be done Online in accordance with your schedule.

My online services developed during my time working for Shannon College of Hotel Management. We had a number of students overseas who could not physically attend an in person counselling session, but definitely needed the support of the service. In this case, they were able to talk to a Counsellor online and reported that the supports they needed were so necessary in helping them through difficulties.

The cost of a one to one individual consultation is €70 per hour with Donna and €60 with our Senior Therapists for an Online Counselling assessment and CBT sessions are €70/€60 per hour thereafter.

This service is not available to those under 18 for legal and ethical reasons.

Cheques and Bank Transfers accepted.

online training

Online Training is also a very effective and useful way to make improvements and positive changes in your life. You can book, pay for and complete any of our 3 courses here online. In your own time and at your own pace you can complete it with continuous online support throughout.

We have the following courses in place.



Stress & Relaxation

Professional Woman's Portrait


6 WEEK self-directed COURSE

Assertiveness is the ability to communicate opinions, thoughts, needs, and feelings in a direct, honest, and appropriate manner. Assertiveness involves standing up for your rights in a manner that does not offend others or deny the rights of others. When you are assertive you have more control over your life. You also make it less likely that other people will take advantage of you.  It is important to understand your own style of relating to others. This course will help you become more assertive and confident in yourself and your life, helping both your personal and professional life and areas where you are not excelling.





6 WEEK self-directed COURSE

We all at some point in our lives feel uncertain about ourselves, lack self-confidence, have doubts about our abilities or think negatively about ourselves.  However, if you find that this is how you are feeling a lot of the time and it is having an effect on your day to day life, then this course may be helpful to you.  Improving our self-esteem has a positive impact on all areas of our lives, leaving us happier and more content.



Feet Out the Window


6 WEEK self-directed COURSE

Stress is the word many people use to describe how the demands of their daily lives seem to be becoming too much for them to cope with. This ability (often referred to as resilience) varies from person to person so what one person finds stressful another may not.

Many of us will suffer from or experience this in our daily lives, but in the long term stress is very bad for our health.

If you often get overwhelmed by stress , this can become a problem so this course aims to identify your stressors and ways of managing them along with equipping you with tools for relaxation.




Sleep Programme

We have been looking into what people are struggling with the most since this whole pandemic began and it seems to be, Sleep!

So we have put together a programme here which focuses on improving sleep, this will be a 6 week programme and will commence in the coming weeks.


We have worked with some of you already around sleep and have had great improvements so we feel it is something to roll out to others. It will be a group programme where we will all check in once per week over the 6 weeks via zoom or face to face (if restrictions, allow as we progress).

Bride Looking in Mirror

Self-esteem Programme

Self-esteem is the cornerstone of our mental health, which is what we have found over all the years wehave worked with our clients.

This is why we have developed this specific programme to enable you to work solely and specifically on this area of your life.

Like the sleep programme it will be a 6 week programme and will commence within these next few months.

Again it will be a group programme where we will check in once per week over the 6 weeks via zoom or face to face.

All content will be forwarded to you once you purchase.

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