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Corporate & Consulting
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Wellness Talks & Mental Health Events (including Wellness days and onsite visits) 

For over 5 years we have been delivering wellness talks and mental health seminars to businesses and organisations accross Ireland and the world. Our talks aim to engage employees onsite and leave a long lasting impression. We build a programme that will capture, educate and engage your employees, leading them to reach for their tools when they come under pressure. We all know self-care is important and we deliver this to you.

We have been working with some of the biggest names in the industry and two of the largest Insurance companies in Ireland.

Talks, seminars and webinars are

the most popular choice.


     Appropriately Qualified Professionals
The mental health & wellness industry in Ireland is full of “experts and guru's” delivering seminars to employees on topics that they simply are not sufficiently trained in. As trained Psychotherapist's working with clients daily, you will not have to worry about this.



Donna Breen MA CBT
EMDR cert
CISM cert
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Having worked with Ireland's largest health insurance companies providing and delivering corporate wellness programmes for over 6 years, I gained a vast array of experience in the area. I have also worked in numerous schools and with young people primarily with groups (all of which can be found HERE). My insight into what works from experience is what sets me apart from the rest.

Critical Incident Stress Management Strategic Planning

(including onsite visits) 

Having completed a level 8 certificate in Critical Incident Stress Management, we can offer you support in strategically planning and managing critical incidents in your workplace, in policy development and understanding peer support.

Just remember should a critical incident such as the death of a colleague, an accident or traumatic situation occur within your place of work/business/organisation, we are also trained to work with you and your team as your Mental Health Lead.

Do contact us, should you need us to be the mental health lead on your critical incident management team.📆

We have seen a huge need for these services within organisations such as local sports clubs, businesses, schools and non-profits. Planning for unfortunate but highly possible situations such as suicide or an accident leaves you more in control when trying to manage the impact to those effected should this arise.

We offer a range of tailor made Mental Health and Wellness programmes to fit your individual and organisational needs. 

Our courses can be adapted to fit with your time schedule, ranging from hour long webinars to two day training courses.​ We know from experience that SME's want and need to access these services at a local level, so, we are here to help you.

By ensuring your staff are healthy, content and well, you will in return reduce the amount of time and money lost in both productivity, sick leave and staff turnover.

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