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Ongoing difficulties in any relationship can result in stress, anxiety, upset, and frustration. If you are in the midst of conflict with your children, their teacher or another child's parent at school, your boss or a colleague at work, a neighbour next door.

Issues with a parent, a friend or your own husband, wife or partner can cause huge upheaval in your life.


This is where counselling comes in, it can be extremely helpful in working out how best to manage the difficult situation.


We will look at the dynamics of the relationship which is causing the conflict and I will work to enable you to assert yourself effectively within the situation and work towards to most effective, realistic and positive outcome.

I also offer specific therapy services to couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship or marriage.

Infertility, intimacy and communication are the most common issues

I carry out work specifically on anger management for anyone experiencing issues in this area or under direction of the court system to complete training in this area.

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