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When life seems to be getting on top of us it can be hard to reach out for support. Family and friends can be great but there are many different things that can prevent them from being able to best support us. That is why we can find ourselves seeking individual support from someone outside of everything, a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.

Family and friends mean well but sometimes their good intentions can hold us back from the correct support that we need and they may not have the understanding of what we are going through, they many just want to fix it and just don't have the right skills and tools to help effectively.


We can all find ourselves in these situations from time to time and we can help you with any of the issues you may be facing. We work with these issues on a daily basis very effectively.

The top 5 issues that present in my office are as follows:

(click on each to read a little more about it)

1. Anxiety - which includes panic attacks

2. Depression -which includes post natal depression


3. Stress/Trauma - including PTSD, abuse and traumatic events

4. Self-esteem - including issues around Confidence


5. Communication - including relationships, friendships, and work issues.

If you are a little lost as to what you want to work on, just pop me a message below and we can have a quick chat before you book in for an assessment.

The cost of a one to one individual consultation with Donna is €70 per hour and €60 for our Senior Therapists. This includes Online Counselling, CBT sessions, adolescents and children.

Cash, Cheques, Bank Transfers all accepted.

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