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Welcome to my Blog!!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

So this has taken some time and effort to finally get the finger out, take a huge deep breath and actually turn to what I love to do.... spreading #education, #information and #awareness!!!

(as you can see from the picture I am not one to keep quiet)

I have always loved to write and share information with others and luckily I have been blessed that generally it turns out sounding pretty OK, ((except for my terrible spelling - but that never held me back from getting through 6 years of college ;) ). I have been meaning to start this Blog since 2016 when I also started developing my Website - that has just been launched this year, 2019.

(please don't judge me, we were busy rebuilding our #house, getting #married & having our #littleprincess!!)

The main aim of this ##Blog is to share with you some information, education, #hints, #tips and #lifehacks in terms of minding your #mentalhealth and understanding some of the common #difficulties we all face throughout our lives and some little ways to make these transitions a little easier.

From my training and experience as a #Counsellor I feel there is so much I can share with you all which can be very helpful and I really hope you all stay tuned and spread the word as I hope to grow this platform over the next while!!

Some of you will know that I spent over a year working for Spectrum Health/#LAYAHealthcare in #Dublin as an Employee Counsellor for hundreds of #corporate companies around Ireland and ##worldwide in their 24/7 #Mental #iWellbeing service. Here, I previously wrote blog posts so I have wanted to turn my hand to this for some time. As a result I have some of these to share with you along with more I hope to add to over time.

We worked with 1,000's of #employees all over the country delivering over the #phoneassessments, Counselling services, education and #training through #onlineresources. This job enabled me to develop a huge skill set in terms of working with #PanicAttacks, #Anxiety, #PostnatalDepression, #SleepIssues and #stress in short term Counselling along with identifying patterns and ways to help others in distress which I can now pass onto you.

There will be a series of posts on one of the most common issues which I work with, Panic Attacks and Anxiety as I have a huge amount of experience and information to pass to you on these subjects.

Along with many other topics which may be helpful to help you understand more about your mental health and well being and how we can help to keep you, #healthy, #well and #sane.

So welcome to you all and thanks so much for taking the time to come along :)




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