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**My 8 top tips to beat the January blues**

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

In this blog I give you my top 8 tips to help you beat the January blues.

*My 8 top tips to beat the January blues*

1. Reach Out - plan some activities with friends throughout the month, just to get yourself out of the house, even if it is just a game of cards at a friends house.This will stop you becoming isolated after the big change from all the socialising during Christmas.

2. Try Something New - although it can be very scary for some of us to try something new. Along with getting out and meeting new people, it can really brighten up January to try something different like a new fun hobby. Photography can be a great one to take up as it helps us to appreciate the beauty of the season and month that we are in, by slowing down and capturing it. Check out local photography classes. As kids we would just get out and explore as we had not developed so many biases, maybe it is about ignoring them and seeing the good.

3. Have Gratitude - it may not feel great to be back at work, but some people do enjoy getting back into routine and getting refocused. By finding things in our lives we are grateful for, we allow ourselves happiness. For example, if you found Christmas hard you might just be grateful and appreciative that it is over. If you were very busy you might not have stopped to appreciate all the good things that happened during Christmas, now might be the time to reflect and be thankful.

4. Use Lunchtimes To Get Out - leave the office during your lunchtime as leaving for work and coming home in the dark can lower your mood. If you have a 1hr lunch try to meet a friend, get out for a walk of plan something to break the monotony of the day and let yourself get some fresh air away from your desk. Adding in some evening exercise if you cannot do this during the day to release stress, meet others and get out can also help.

5. Change Your Perspective - we can see January as doom and gloom or as a fresh start; to begin planning and having space to do all the things we love to do, start looking ahead and thinking of all the lovely places we can go. is great for booking trips with free cancellation on most hotels which can be cancelled. Importantly though, it really feels fun and like you are taking action and looking forward. Also a lot of hotels are cheaper in January so a little treat could be on the cards to get you through the month.

6. Help Others - this helps us to take our minds off our own needs by being part of something bigger, helping out and giving back as volunteers or helping local charities, we meet others, contribute and take our minds off our own difficulties.

7. Focus On Your Strengths - not on the areas you feel you need to FIX in your life for 2020. See this as a blank slate, you have the power to create and put into action with your strengths all the things you would like to achieve, not just FIX yourself. Check out the Myers Briggs personality test to see what your strengths are

8. Go With The Flow Of Life - Like all seasons, months, years and days January will come and go. It is not constant and just like night becomes day and day becomes night. January too will pass eventually. So if you are finding it very hard just remember this and be kind to yourself and reward yourself with little things you love.

Have a great one everyone. I hope this is helpful <3

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